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The power of Shopify for Influencers

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Design Campaigns

Define the promotion, budget, goals, deliverables, and compensation.
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Negotiate Terms

Negotiate and close collaboration contracts in minutes.
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Launch Creator Stores

Design, approve, and launch new Creator Stores in minutes.
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Track Performance

Track sales, transactions, spend, return, and attributions in real-time.

Expand your digital touchpoints

Design and schedule hundreds of customizable, brand-approved Creator Stores that give brands and influencers the ability to track conversions on every single purchase. Multiply your global footprint and automate reaching new markets. Products, checkouts, and fulfillments sync to each brand’s backend store automatically.
Business Intelligence

Immediate Performance Validation

Followers have a one-stop-shop for all the items in an influencer campaign. No promo code hassle or conflicting analytics.

Protect against promo code scrapers

Our True Revenue Protection Guarantee™ protects each campaign from 3rd party software promotion code scraping and re-use, or we will 100% cover the influencer’s lost revenue share on each transaction.

More successful campaigns

Design more successful campaigns and Creator Stores using business intelligence that provides insights into campaign transactions, sales, return, spend, and earnings.

Negotiations made easy

Negotiate back and forth on campaign terms, compensation, and deliverables all on your smartphone. Contracts automatically pull in all the details that both parties agreed on.

We help influencers, brands, and agencies say goodbye to spreadsheets, conflicting analytics, promo code hijacking, and lost revenue.

Settle deals faster

Get contract payments settled faster with auto-generated cloud invoicing. Brands can see all their influencer invoices in one place, and influencers can focus on creating content.

Mobile-first experience

Our mobile app delivers all the power of our web app. No compromises. Click the icons below to download the app.

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