The ultimate Influencer marketing platform

Who is it for?

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Influencer Marketing Managers

It’s time to do more with less. All the tools you need to support your influencer marketing efforts.

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Influencers and Creators

We enable influencers to earn more income, secure better deals, and own their own brand.

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DTC Brands

Convert more purchases, reach larger new markets, and effortlessly manage campaigns.

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Automated influencer marketing, easier contracts and invoicing, and accurate attribution.


What our platform does

Enables Influencer Marketing Managers to produce more collaborations, with higher quality, with less effort, and at a lower management cost. You will gain more recognition, respect, approval, and influence by demonstrating 10X to 100X the productivity in all your interactions.

Make your influencer collaborations more professional with less effort.

Collaboration Success Managers

Collaboration Success Managers are our experts coming alongside your social marketing team to assist in flawlessly designing and executing successful influencer collaborations.


32 amazing features to better your life

Designs perfect collaboration agreements, manages negotiations, documents deliverables, generates UGC posting calendars, generates custom merchant discount codes (optional), enables hosted Creator storefronts (optional), records and maintains team actions and activities logs, reports performance, tracks channel attributions, generates verified invoices, facilitates payment settlement, documents taxes.

Coming Soon

Swarm Technology

Enables Influencer Marketing Managers to collaborate and move influencer collaborations in large groups. It starts by rapidly customizing and sending personal proposal invites to 100s or 1000s of Influencers. SWARM is designed for any affiliate marketing campaign needing infinite-scale influencer and creator collaboration administration, orchestration, and compliance. 


Perfect Campaigns

Design perfect campaigns in an easy -to- get started workflow requiring no training. Within 3 minutes Influencer Marketing Managers have collaboration ready to invite Influencers with all the deliverables superbly documented. Say goodbye to messy collaboration agreements with missing details!

Repeatable Success

Take your well-designed collaboration, duplicate it, invite a new influencer, and invite. Repeat and distribute. It's fast, easy, and perfectly repeatable in less than a minute.

We help influencers, brands, and agencies say goodbye to spreadsheets, conflicting analytics, promo code hijacking, and lost revenue.


Nurture Relationships

Set clear expectations by sending customized emails to a network of your professional affiliate relationships, including your draft proposal, and collaborating when the influencer accepts the invite.

Negotiate terms inside the app

No more cluttered email inboxes or lengthy negotiation processes. With the app you can make proposals and negotiate back and forth counter-proposals to get to yes in just a few clicks.


UGC and Posting Calendaring

Included with every campaign is a calendar detailing what date each UGC & Posting is due to be posted by the Creator. This feature betters the life of Influencer Marketing Managers and Creators by getting rid of post-it reminders and spreadsheets tracking what is due, when, and on what platform.

Drive Measurable Results

See how far your influencer investment is going.  Dedicated one-on-one support measures collaboration success with in-app conversion attribution tracking by sales channel.


White Glove Support

Did you come up with your biggest marketing campaign after hours and can’t wait to get started? Jump on a call, Zoom, learn pro tips, and share Loom videos with a Collaboration Success Manager.